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Yavor Velchev
Zang, Gitaar
Senne van Loock
Lead Gitaar
Jef Peeters
Bass, Back Vocals
Pauwel Berghman
Sax, Back Vocals
Bert De Pauw
Antwerpen, Belgie |

 Yavor Velchev (Yavor) emerged into the music scene at the age of 5 when he became a member of a children’s choir in his home town Burgas in Bulgaria. He was soon elected as a soloist - at 6 he won a national competition for child song Sladkopoina Chuchuliga and his first solo song was published on a vinyl by the then Bulgarian state owned record manufacturing company Balkanton.

In early high school years Yavor became the lead guitarist of a hard rock band named Pearl. Pearl had a few appearances at a local level and Yavor soon moved on to other projects, already deploying his interests in more elaborated music genres. Playing in different musicals likeJesus Christ Superstar Rock Opera, Les Miserables, Hair and Westside Story contributed to his comfort at stage.

At the age of 16 Yavor’s affection for sophisticated vocal expression led him into the founding of the 4 part harmony acapella group Jazzabell, which appeared on a number of video and audio productions of the most excelled Bulgarian pop acts. Jazzabell won the Second and the Special Viewers’ prize at the International Festival for Bulgarian Pop Music - The Golden Orpheus.

In 1999 Jazzabell was discontinued and Yavor became the front singer ofKaffea pop – funk group, which became one of the most popular bands in Bulgaria and in 2004 was even crowned ‘band of the year’. In 2003 Yavor left Kaffe in 2003 to pursue a law degree in Antwerp, Belgium and the band, with their new singer, represented Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005.

Throughout the years Yavor has been a part of another formation named Jailhouse Chili - a parallel project founded on long years of friendship and collaboration. Jailhouse Chili played in clubs for several years after which they started performing as resident musicians in beach and ski resorts. Today the band performs in Belgium, Holland and Germany, mostly in an acoustic setting, where Yavor plays guitar and sings.In the summer of 2005 their first original ‘All You Couldn’t Be’ was on air on the Belgian Radio Studio Brussels.

Today Yavor combines music with a having a career as a legal advisor in a shipping company. “Sound of Desire” - his first solo project is followed by “In & Out” and others are coming on the way. Yavor’s current production is a result of his collaboration with David Vermuyten, owner of Scaldia Stars productions. The recordings are a blend of Yavor’s rich experience of almost all existing contemporary styles into natural and chic music textures defining a unique in its way fashion of sound.


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Yavor @ Gentse Feesten - 28 July 2013
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Sound of Desire
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